Every product is unique

At Squiller's Drey, we know how much you appreciate the quality and uniqueness that comes from handmade products. That's why every item we sell is special and distinct, each with its own individual and unique character.

Everything is carefully and lovingly crafted from our workshop in Hull, Yorkshire, using both reclaimed and new materials. It's a perfect blend of old and new.

We make lots of different items - booksleeves, cushions, bags, backpacks, wallets, coin purses, face masks and more. In fact we are always thinking about new items to add to our collection so it's worthwhile staying in touch with us on Facebook so that you are the first to know when we release something new.

In the meantime, whatever your taste, we are sure you'll find something here for you; so have a browse of our store and see what catches your eye!

Squil Thompson.
Proprietor, Squiller's Drey

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